Start a support committee!

Start a CeCe Support Committee in Your Community!


Would you like to start a CeCe McDonald Support Committee in your community? Several committees have formed all over the country. You can see them here:

Forming a Facebook group page is one way to keep in contact with the main CeCe McDonald Support Committee here in Minneapolis. We can post the most current updates, connect you with people in your area that are already interested in her case and help to advertise any events you do.

If you do start a group we can add you to our announcements list. Bimonthly we send out a newsletter with updates about what’s going on with the CeCe’s case and the activities with the various Support Committees. Just send us all your group members’ e-mail address to keep updated!

Another good idea is to create a group e-mail address. Here are examples that have been used by other groups:

  • Mpls4cece(a)
  • BloomingtonIN4CeCe(a)

Media and publicity

A fabulous way to get out the word about CeCe is to work with your local and even national media to get stories written about her case. Think of newspapers, magazines, blogs, radio & TV. Below are some resources that can help you out!

To get jpegs of posters made for CeCe you can go here:

For pictures of her that CeCe had approved & all media info you can go here:


Below are links to several articles that Support Committee Members have written about CeCe’s case. Please reference them for not only information but also for framing. If you would like more links please let us know. Also if you are planning to write an article about CeCe e-mail us at mpls4cece(a) for more information & interviews.


Below are some ideas for events. Each support committee has come up with many great ideas to get the word out about CeCe’s case, gather more members and to raise money. You can also go to the “Get Involved” tab. Here are a few ideas!

International Events


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