CeCe’s release: what a welcome!

What a welcome! CeCe’s supporters around the world have outdone themselves with the outpouring of love and warm “welcome home” messages they’ve sent to CeCe this week.   From the bottom of our hearts as a support committee, and from CeCe, thank you.

CeCe is busy transitioning back into her community and her everyday life — not to mention filming a documentary with Laverne Cox! She is looking forward to speaking to her supporters, and potentially the media, when the time is right. In the meantime, we wanted to field a few significant questions that we’ve heard in the past few days:

CeCe was released from prison on January 13, 2014, which was her long-anticipated release date. She’ll serve the remainder of her 41-month sentence on parole, consistent with Minnesota sentencing law.

Because of the support of her family, friends, and supporters around the world, CeCe has shelter, food, clothing, and other basic needs met right now. We know many of you are eager to support CeCe with donations, and your generosity means the world. We urge you to make donations to members of your community who are combating incarceration, racism, or transphobia; or to support current and former prisoners and prison abolition movements. The Rainbow Defense Fund is a great place to start.

CeCe’s case, and her recent release, are sparking critical conversations about incarceration, racism, transphobia, and safety. As these continue to unfold, we urge individual and organizational supporters to read CeCe’s writing, which is full of insight, vision, and ideas for beginning to address these systemic issues. We urge supporters to look to the root causes of imprisonment and seek solutions that keep our loved ones out of prison, and to support local organizations that are working to build the power and leadership of people like CeCe who are envisioning and practicing alternatives to violence and incarceration.

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