CeCe’s Book Club

Join the CeCe McDonald Solidarity Book Club!

On Monday, March 5th CeCe will begin to read The Autobiography of Malcolm X (as told to Alex Haley). For the month of March we will read this book in solidarity with our imprisoned sister. Not only can we read it with her but we can also talk with her about it through letters . Say something in chapter one really grips you, write to CeCe and tell her about how it effected you. Start a dialogue and get to know not only the history of one of the greatest civil rights leaders ever but also get to know who you’re fighting for, Ms. CeCe McDonald! Check out her site for info on how to write her.

If you don’t have a copy go to your local library. For example Hennepin County Library has 22 copies, check out one in your area. Ask friends, family, someone has a copy of this book, because it’s amazing!

You can also talk with other community members on the CeCe McDonald Solidarity Book Club facebook event page. Invite all your friends!

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