“I stand with CeCe” Poster Project

The “I Stand with Cece” poster project is an effort to capture the breadth of Cece’s support. We believe that racism and transphobia permeate all layers of government, and that there is no justice for Cece in the Hennepin County legal system. We believe that a court system that defends white supremacists forfeits legitimacy. We call upon the Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman to drop all charges against Cece, and we call upon all people of conscious to connect with her case and engage in efforts to defend her.

  • Take a moment to reflect on why you are drawn to Cece’s cause, and then complete the sentence on the poster (linked here and below): “Because _________________, I stand with Cece.”
  • Sign your name underneath.
  • Provide contact and preference information in the bottom section to let us know how we can share your statement of support. (We won’t share your email with anyone.)
  • Drop the poster off at the Exchange at 3405 Chicago Ave S, in Minneapolis, or bring it to any upcoming event.
  • Download a companion poster below, and display it proudly.

Our goal is to create a visual display that will illustrate the diversity of reasons to stand with Cece. Thank you for adding your voice to the mix.

Below are downloadable versions of the blank poster and an explanatory flyer, as well as a companion posters that reads:

Because I oppose white supremacy, transphobia, violence against women, and the prison-industrial complex.
Because I oppose hate.
I stand with CeCe.

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