“Harmony in Autumn”

honorceceThere is harmony in Autumn

and a lustre in the sky,

which through the summer

is not heard or seen

as if it could not be,

as if it had not been.

Hi everyone! I wanted to start this off with a poem about my favorite season written by Percy Bysshe Shelly. I can say that even being in an environment that is very callous and unappealing, I can take comfort in this season that is filled with warmth and joy. No matter where I am, I will never take for granted the beauty of life and knowing I am a creation like the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees. I have a newfound respect and adoration for life and all things attributed to it.

I plan to keep this posting short because I want to share an essay with you all: “Love in Action: Noting Similarities between Lynching Then and Anti-LGBT Violence Now.” It was shared with me by the author, a dear friend of mine and a literary genius by the name of Koritha Mitchell–a professor at Ohio State University (check out her other selected works). I love her work and encourage all to check out her pieces.

But I do want to talk about some things that have upset me over the last couple of months. The first thing is that for the movie “The Dallas Buyers Club” they casted a cisgender-presumably-hetero-man to play the role of a transgender woman when there are so many trans people who are talented actors who could have been casted for the roles of trans people who are usually given to cisgender people. I hate that Hollywood feel that stories about trans people are better told by cisgender people who haven’t even had the struggles of day-to-day life as a trans person.

I’m also irritated by the fact that people of color can’t even go shopping without cops pulling them over and harassing them on the legitimacy of one’s earnings to buy a Ferragamo belt or Louis Vuitton satchel. When did “shopping while Black” become an addition to the list of activities a POC couldn’t do without someone assuming it has to be illegal because they’re African-American. It’s even more annoying knowing that these things usually only happen to people of color. The real criminals are the politicians and bankers who lie and steal from the middle-class and the poor. So, when the hell are undercover cops going to stop and question how they got their Louis Vuitton?

And one thing that truly grind my gears is the hypocrisies of Republican politicians who feel that it’s “moral” and “logical” to take away funding from everything that would benefit those who don’t get a nice Senate or Congress check–like food assistance and Head Start–and those very “immoralites” get millions of dollars in subsidies from  the very government they denounce. They say the ACA is evil and to “not let government in your healthcare,” when many of these very politicians have passed laws that intrude on the personal health decisions for women. It’s a shame knowing these are the people elected to run our country. Yes, the racism and sexism isn’t enough so they attack us financially and they say all of it is our faults. Oh, how I hate them so.

Well, I’m about to end this. You’ll be hearing from me soon. And I want to leave you with this:

“Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them.” –John Updike



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