Fundraise and donate


After incredible fundraising efforts from people around the world, CeCe has enough money to help her get by for the remainder of her prison sentence and the short-term after her release. In January 2013, she wrote:

“Dearest friends,

I want to thank everyone for their support and their fundraising to make sure that I maintain and otherwise. But now I want you to divert your efforts to our sister, Estrellita, who needs our help. Please help her and show her the same love and support that you all gave me. All the information is posted, so let’s save our girl and get this done for her!

Love, CeCe”

Rainbow Defense Fund raises funds for bond release of LGBTQ immigrant and refugee prisoners in detention in Arizona. They are no longer fundraising for Estrellita, but are continuing to provide direct support to LGBTQ people in detention. For information on the people they’re currently working with, visit their website.

Email if you have any questions regarding donations.

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