More GOP Whack-a-doos

I was never one to get caught in the nonsense of politics. To me it just seemed that the “bad guy” always won. But lately I’ve been intrigued by the nonsense of the GOP and their out-of-touch ideas and laws. I would always hear how Right wing conservatives felt that [we] were “forcing” our “lifestyles” on everyone, but if everyone would pay attention to the rhetoric of the GOP and RWC’s ideas of [their] “America” it would seem that it is just what they accuse [us] of implementing. They feel that their way is the right way (no pun). I just don’t understand how certain people, in this day and age, could still think that imaginary non-realistic fantasy world where their idea of the perfect family or person could compare to t.v. shows of the 50’s and 60’s. It’s comical the way those people think their ideas and choices they make are “moral” and “righteous,” but they couldn’t be more wrong–well… yeah, they can.

The Pioneers of Prejudice are taking it upon themselves to tell us what is best for us, as an if we’re not capable to make (the best) decision for ourselves. And I could see giving these people a chance if their ideas and laws were actually beneficial, I would say, “yes, these people get us. They understand and they DO know what’s best for us,” but it is the exact opposite. I can’t believe that there are people on this planet that are extremely out of touch with reality. They claim that they want to rebrand the GOP–I guess they’re going for The New Jim Crow Party, or the GOP2 (the Grand Oppressors Party Doubled). Just to let y’all know I said those last two things in my most mocking, sarcastic voice you could imagine.

From the War on Women, Voting Rights, Workers Rights, and Stop and Frisk–I have notice that there are those working for us. And again there are those who are against us and claim they are for us by challenging the things that are beneficial for us. President Obama signed into law the Affordable Care Act (ACA) aka Obamacare, which will give millions of Americans the opportunity to have affordable healthcare with pre-existing conditions which will save countless lives, and crazy GOPs are trying to argue (only on the basis that this was created by Obama) that this will be detrimental to the American people. These people are so nuts that they feel that they can defend it, which in fact will never happen. So they imagine they can shut down the government and they will get their way. It’s the spoiled GOPs who think throwing a political tantrum will get their way. That’s one strike against them.

Then there is the blatant attack on minorities by the GOP. They don’t want to come to some agreement on immigration reform which is separating families. They are implementing laws that affect (mostly) the minorities who vote by acting on the SCOTUS’ decision to leave it to the states to decide their voting laws without the approval of federal courts. This is their tactic to suppress the minority vote and the brashness of it all is that they have went on record confirming that this is their objective. Lets look at some quotes I’ve heard by Republican reps who’ve not-quite-inconspicuously proved this to be true: “Voter ID will get Romney in office,” “Obama beat McCain by 10% and Romney by 5%–I’m sure voter ID had something to do with that,” and “voter ID is there to prevent voter fraud.” Aaaah–voter fraud, the phantom epidemic that plagues the polls. And yet they have no proof of such accusations. I believe there is/was a .003 percentage connected to voting fraud. Yeah, I guess if they don’t stop the issue now voting fraud will go to an all time high of .004%…. again I’m being sarcastic. And the insults don’t end with us, for extreme conservative groups have attacked the President mainly on the basis of his race. Many have picketed with signs that read “He’s 47% Negro,” “Bye Bye Black Sheep,” and “Impeach the Kenyan.” Now there has never been a more disrespectful and discriminating aim at any president, and these groups are going as far as talking about impeachment, on the grounds of … well, nothing. Then there are the right-wing conservative pundits who make comments about issues that affect minorities that they have not the singlest clue about, and have the nerve to refer to civil and human rights groups as “the grievance industry” and “race hustlers.” They claim that stop and frisk is needed and without it New York will turn into cities like Chicago and Detroit, that those cities should adopt stop and frisk laws. They criticize those who disagree and oppose stop and frisk, even the federal judge that proves stop and frisk is unconstitutional and discriminating. The Governor of New York is challenging that and appealing the judge’s decision. But the facts that show that there is no proof stop and frisk is effective should end any disagreement against the end of SAF. Crime dropped 74% before SAF was implemented and it slowed to 39% after SAF was enforced. About 13% of SAF cases are successful. So why keep this act of dehumanization and discrimination if it doesn’t work? That’s strike two.

All across the country there have been workers going on strike because of low pay rates and not having enough income to support themselves and their families. It’s a shame that big companies have grown in profit close to 500% over the last 5-10 years and seeing that the hardworking people who’ve helped them get there are treated like they’re not worth their work. The biggest misconception about fast food workers is that they’re teenagers, when in reality most of them are adults, usually women, who have families that they need to support. So why are so many Republicans, many of whom are rich, against raising minimum wage? On top of that they are also against families who get public assistance, in fact they refer to us as “parasites,” and make comments like “makers not takers.” It seems like those big-money-hot-shots want to keep their boot heels at our necks while they oppress however they can. Strike three and they are OUT! Honestly, when were these whack-a-doos ever in?

I can’t even begin to express how frustrating it is to know that these are the people ELECTED to their positions. We ned to start voting more and voicing our opinions and standing up for our rights. We deserve better, and while some want to backpedal and regress we need to push forward and keep the progress of change and equality on the front of gaining the respect and worth we ALL deserve. We need to show these people that they are not better than us and their elitist draconian ideas and attitudes are not what and who we are. That is them and we are definitely cut from different cloth. And even though there has been progress, we need to continue to fight and to make sure that we are heard. Remember, what we leave behind is what our children inherit, so I ask you, what are WE going to leave them? …Food for thought…

Before I go, I want to give a shout out to Laverne Cox for her role in Orange is the New Black. She makes me want to get back into theatre. I also want to give big shoutouts to Darren Yang and Raven Simone for their comings out. I also encourage people to support actor George Takei by signing the petition to move the Olympics out of Russia due to their strict laws that are extremely anti-LGBTQI and send our people to prison for something that should be their right as human beings. Other things that are interesting and people should get involved with like The Stamp Stampede and The Doers Network are making a stand for fairness and helping others.

I also want to leave you with the quote of the month and a poem written by Emily Cameron and sent in by her friend Evan Harding in Vancouver, BC. (Thanks!)

“It doesn’t matter where you come from, what you have, what you don’t have. The only thing that matters is that you set a goal and you just dream, live, and fly.” –Barrington Irving


Sub Rosa

by Emily Cameron

Before my birth,

before my mother’s mother’s motherhood

before my father’s father first announced his presence

in the way that even the shyest of infants do,

and before some other things, too

there were meetings

clandestine conferences

in the basements of the brave.


The underground underground:

We will carry anything

no job too big or small.

A thousand thousand generations

mindful of the wall-to-noise ratio

and the concealment of clues,

and being sure to make any necessary sacrifice.

Whatever it takes.


Courage is fear with a Mary Poppins attitude.

“If I must I must.”

and we must.

All these codes and passwords

were a message in a bottle

addressed to the present:




every last one.


I love this poem and I hope you all enjoy the post for this month. As fall set in and the leaves turn and the chill come along, know my love for you will always be consistent. Until next time LOVE and SOLIDARITY!



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