Write Letters to Judge Moreno before CeCe’s Sentencing

CeCe’s sentencing is scheduled for Monday, June 4, at 1:30pm. We expect that she’ll be sentenced to 41 months in prison (between time already served and time off for good behavior, the time left that she’ll remain incarcerated is likely under two years), in accordance with her plea agreement.

HOWEVER, we believe that CeCe’s status as a transgender woman makes her especially vulnerable to abuse while incarcerated, and so we are asking Judge Moreno to exercise his judicial discretion and order that she serve her sentence *on house arrest rather than in prison.*

We are calling on supporters to take a few minutes and write a letter to Judge Moreno, urging him to order house arrest rather than prison.

Letters should be addressed to Judge Daniel C. Moreno, but *submitted to the CeCe Support Committee via email (mpls4cece@gmail.com) by THIS FRIDAY, June 1, AT NOON.*

Please consider the following points when crafting your letter:

-Genuine sentiment and honesty are more important than length and eloquence. Don’t worry about how articulate your letter is–just say what you mean (in a respectful manner)!

Letters should speak to any or all of the following topics:
–That house arrest is a reasonable option given the offense CeCe pled to and which adequately addresses her vulnerability in the prison system
–CeCe’s good character (explain your relationship to her in the letter, and include anecdotal evidence of what a loving, caring and constructive person she is)
–That CeCe poses no threat to the community
–Ways that CeCe’s imprisonment will have an unduly negative impact on her friends and family (if you have personal knowledge of this)

-DO NOT disparage or even comment on Dean Schmitz, or any of the other people (including CeCe’s attacker) present that night.

-DO NOT comment on issues of innocence vs. guilt. DO NOT claim that CeCe is innocent, or that she was falsely or unfairly convicted or coerced into taking a plea deal, or that she acted in self-defense. In considering her sentence, the Judge will be looking at whether or not CeCe takes full responsibility for the action she pled guilty to, and any arguments undermining that taking of responsibility may do more harm than good.

-DO NOT use the letter to make arguments about the unjust nature of the criminal legal system. We all feel it, but the Judge won’t!