Drama from the DOC and Snoop Lion, and March and April quotes

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay, for I have been through a whirlwind of b.s. at the hands of DOC. Of course they wouldn’t care about the things I love to do like my blog posts because they are too busy being dumb-asses making decisions they feel are best for me I don’t know WTF is on these peoples’ noggins, but I can surely say that it has to be a lot of hollow space up there.

Anyways…it’s spring! Unfortunately, it’s off to a bad start here in Minnesota. We’ve been getting snow like crazy, in some parts over a foot of snow. Poor Mother Nature… seems like she’s not in a good mood. Not that it’s her fault. When are people going to realize that global warming is an actual thing, and that if we don’t change the way we care for our planet, it won’t care for us.

I just think about all the energy that is wasted by prisons alone. At any jail or prison I’ve been to I’ve noticed that they leave lights on 24/7! Now think about all the other jails, prisons, juvenile centers, etc., etc. around the world that does exactly the same thing. Now think about how much energy could be saved without them, hmmm… see where I’m coming from? We could save a lot of resources, actually, with abolishing prisons. I can give you a million other things that the resources put into the PIC can be redirected to, that can both build the economy and prevent people from being victims of the PIC.

So other than the DOC and the PIC getting on my nerves, people in general have been really annoying. I’ve never seen people say such dumb shit in my life. A goldfish with a two-second memory is smarter than some of the people of this world, and I say that with all sincerity.

First off, let me start with a comment Mr. Snoop Lion said about gays and the rap industry. He said that gays would never be accepted in the rap industry because rap is such a “masculine arena.” How remedial of a comment was that? Like, WTF Mr. Lion! I like your music, but it’s only dumb-founded, ignorant b.s. like that that will withold the progression of equality in the world, and frankly it was just a dumb-ass statement..

For one, it just goes to show that people still have a stereotypical idea of what “gay” is and that there is no possibility of masculine, or even hyper-masculine, gay and bisexual men in the world. Well, guess what?… THEY EXIST! For two, to say that “rap is a masculine arena” is a underhanded insult to both masculine gay and bisexual men and also to feminine men, trans, GNC (gender non-conforming) and cissexual women who are rappers. It’s clear that women are just as much of a force in the rap industry just as any man is, so why is it so unfathomable that someone that is QLGBT-GNC can’t be such a force in an “arena” that really have no gender “boundaries” or “guidelines”? How can one just say that a person can’t do something because of their sexual identity and/or orientation. That’s like saying we can’t have a black president. Well, you see how that turned out. Twice!

I hate that as time progresses and we evolve, the ignorance and idiocracy of close-minded people keep us, or at least try to, in an unevolutaionary state. At some point others have to accept that diversity exists. And not only does diversity exist, it is what makes us thrive. It is what makes us all uniquely individual. So diversity should be allowed in all aspects of a society. In schools, in the work force, hell, even at home!

As you know, I said that for every month this year I was going to give a quote. But as I mentioned earlier, I was caught in a lot of drama, therefore I didn’t have the opportunity to do so. So I’m still going to give March’s quote along with April’s. Here they are:


“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


“love is the voice under all silences,

the hope which has no opposite in fear,

the strength so strong mere force is feebleness:

the truth more first than sun, more last than star”

-e.e. cummings

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