Help find Sage Smith!

As of late, I received word from our family out in Charlottesville, VA (shoutout to Joe, Donna, Luis and all at APOC) that a young (trans) girl has went missing as of Nov 20th, 2012. What’s even more saddening is the lack of effort given by the Charlottesville “Police” Dept. Again, we see that the term “protect and serve” is limited to those they feel deserve their time and efforts, especially seeing that I also got word that two college students (as of recent) (Caucasian and cissexual) went missing, and news was all over it! A foundation in honor of one of the women was even started, yet police and media have been extremely dismissive of Sage’s case.

So now it’s our time to shine people! We can get involved! We need to show sage, Sage’s family, friends, and our family in Charlottesville that we got their back@ Please I urge everyone to please, please, PLEASE get involved! Call the Charlottesville Police Department and tell them to get busy finding Sage! Nothing will be done unless we make them! Just think, this could’ve been your brother, sister, friend, cousin, or it even could’ve been you, and I know and you know that if it were us in their shoes we would want all that could be done in our efforts to be done, right?!? Please people again, I urge you to get involved. We can’t let another of our own slip away! Let’s get justice!

Go to


You can get in touch with APOC at:

302 8th St. Nw

Charlottesville, VA 22903

Additional information and updates will be posted!

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