Support CeCe!

NCTE, NCAVP and 14 other LGBT advocacy groups in solidarity with Cece McDonald



Last week, the National Center for Transgender Equality joined the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP) and fourteen other LGBT advocacy groups in urging County Attorney Michael Freeman to drop the second-degree murder charges against Cece:

Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman has charged McDonald with two counts of second-degree murder for acting in self-defense and allegedly fatally stabbing one of her attackers. Hennepin County has dropped murder charges in three similar cases where people have acted in self-defense. NCAVP and our allies add our support to the public outcry to drop the charges against CeCe McDonald.

The pre-trial hearings end today and the trial begins on Monday, April 30th. To help Cece,  we encourage you to join nearly 15,000 other people in the petition calling on Michael Freeman to drop the charges. NCTE will continue to monitor the legal proceedings and update our blog about new developments.

Read the full statement here.