Transgender issues explored on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry show [video]

From Metro Weekly, 04/15/12:

Melissa Harris Perry presented a panel on MSNBC today to discuss transgender issues. She said she decided to be a “better cis ally for the work of trans communities” after watching a hate crime online that involved “a group of African-American teens savagely beating a trans woman in a fast-food restaurant.”

She was joined today by Mara Keisling, Kate Bornstein and Mel Wymore for a 20-minute discussion of transgender issues and people in the headlines. These included Jenna Talackova, Amanda Simpson and CeCe McDonald, as well as discussions about pronoun usage, challenges facing trans people, gender labels on official documents, running for public office, the inclusion of trans issues with gay rights, incarceration, and the effects of gay marriage on the LGBT movement.

Keisling then joined Kai Wright, Joy-Ann Reid and Allison Kilkenny to discuss the Obama Administration’s “stances, that means plural, on discrimination when it comes to sexual orientation and gender identity.”

See the video here:

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