Support from Leslie Feinberg

CeCe McDonald–with the help of organized supporters–is struggling to free herself from behind bars after successfully defending herself against a bloody attack by a group who used white supremacist, transphobic, gay-hating, anti-woman, youth-bashing slurs and violent physical assault.

The right of self-defense against all forms of oppressions–the spirit of Stonewall–is at the heart of the demand to free her.

I urge readers who may not know about CeCe McDonald’s struggle to learn more, to help find creative, ongoing ways to spread the word about her case, and to help build support during her April 2012 trial.

CeCe McDonald can count on me as a warrior to fight alongside her until this critical and urgent struggle is won–and until every battle in won.

Free CeCe McDonald, right now!
Leslie Feinberg

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