Update from Court 12/20

Yesterday, CeCe had an important court hearing that had important effects on her upcoming trial. Most importantly, her trial date is now set for *Monday, April 30th at 9am*!

Mark your calendars now and start thinking about all the ways to support her between now and then. The prosecutors expect her support to die down as the pre-trial proceedings drag on, but we’ll show them that we won’t let up any pressure or support until they do the right thing and drop the charges against CeCe!

The delay is for a number of reasons. One, the toxicologist who will testify about the chemicals in the bloodstream of Dean Schmitz (the attacker killed after the racist, transphobic attack against CeCe) will not be available in January. Two, the judge ruled that a letter that the Star Tribune, a leading local newspaper, quoted in several articles has to be provided in full to both the prosecution and the defense. The prosecutors now have the responsibility to prove that it came from CeCe while she was in jail. We expect them to pursue this aggressively through handwriting analysis and to argue that the letter should be used against her at trial. The judge has also not yet ruled on several motions from the previous court date, so there are other pending legal issues that will affect CeCe’s trial as well.

While the legal outcome of these decisions and motions is unclear, the prosecution’s continued scrambling to build a case against CeCe is clearly an attempt to justify the way in which the criminal legal system is continuing the racist, transphobic attack against her. Our continued support and fight against these systems of oppression only becomes more important as these pre-trial proceedings continue to drag on.

While the trial date has been pushed back, CeCe still remains on house arrest with severely limiting restrictions on her freedom. The judge granted her the ability to leave the house to get a job, but ruled against her going back to school. We are glad that CeCe will have more mobility in the near future even though we are dismayed–but not surprised–that the criminal legal system’s routine repression of poor people of color has affected CeCe once again.

Stay tuned for more last-minute court dates as we work our way to trial and for exciting opportunities to show support and solidarity for CeCe!


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