‘Pursuit of happiness’: Read the first post in CeCe’s blog!

Hey everyone! CeCe is a talented and evocative writer, and so we’re really excited to announce the launch of her new blog! Here’s an excerpt from her first post, Pursuit of happiness:

…Now that I’m maturing into an adult from a child, I understand myself more than I could ever have, especially with the situations I’ve been placed in currently. I see that no matter what, hate is a natural part of life, but yet most refuse to end those unnecessary burdens that we put on each other, our future generations, and ourselves. How crazy can I be, or anyone for that much, to not want to actually live in a world where love and peace actually take place. But it’s only inevitable when people continue to brainwash, and be brainwashed, to conform, or try to, to this society, to hate each other, and all other illogical reasons. And for what? Who knows? I would never understand why a person could or would hate anyone for not being what someone thinks they should or suppose to be.

Read the full post here.

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