CeCe is out of jail!

Great news: CeCe was finally released on bail! We want to thank everyone who donated and fundraised to meet bail–it was a big accomplishment to get CeCe out, and we couldn’t have done it without tremendous support. Of course, getting her out is just a step along the way, and we anticipate huge fundraising needs over the next several months. Please consider donating or organizing a fundraiser, or both! We have three areas of immediate need in terms of fundraising:

  1. Several individuals loaned us large amounts of money in order to bail CeCe out, and we’re hoping to raise enough money to pay them back as quickly as possible;
  2. We need to raise funds to offset the costs of legal defense going forward, to ensure that CeCe has the best possible chance in a court system where the odds are stacked against her;
  3. And we continue to incur logistical costs related to building CeCe’s support, and are drawing on limited resources.

Click here for details on how to donate.

And don’t forget to come out to CeCe’s hearing tomorrow (Thurs, Oct. 6). Make sure CeCe has a room full of supporters behind her when she makes her next appearance!

When: Thursday, Oct 6; Gather at 12:30 pm, hearing at 1:30
Where: Public Safety Facility, Room 142, 401 S 4th Ave, Mpls

Lastly, CeCe wants to express her gratitude for all the letters and books she received while in jail. While these things are no longer needed, we hope you’ll continue to show your support for her through fundraising, spreading the word about her case, and coming to local support events.

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