Update from Today’s Court Hearing

July 11- This morning CeCe’s friends and family gathered outside of the Hennepin County Government Center to show support for CeCe at her court hearing. At today’s omnibus hearing CeCe’s attorney filed a motion for a speedy trial. The right to a speedy trial is written into the U.S. Constitution, and is intended to ensure that defendants are not subjected to “unreasonably lengthy” incarceration prior to trial. The prosecutor also requested that CeCe’s DNA sample be used as evidence in court. DNA samples are commonly used as evidence in criminal trials. A rally and press conference was held following CeCe’s court appearance at which family and community members spoke. CeCe’s next court date is September 12th. You can support CeCe by showing up to her next court date and by donating to raise money for CeCe’s bail, commissary, and other expenses.

Thank you for your continued support! Please stay tuned for more information and updates!


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