An Update from CeCe’s Legal Team!

June 30

A few quick updates from CeCe’s legal advocates:

We’d like to remind everyone that CeCe should be at a forefront of the support work we are doing. Part of keeping CeCe safe means not talking about the specific details of her case. Always keep in mind that everything you say in any public forum could be used against CeCe in court. Don’t talk  about her case to the cops, on facebook and twitter, or on any other media outlets. Don’t speculate, and don’t start rumors. Our conversations should not be about determining CeCe’s guilt or innocence nor discussing what exactly took place on June 5th. Rather, we should be talking about violence against trans women in our community, and how the prison industrial complex functions to disproportionately target and incarcerate trans women of color. When rumors fly about CeCe’s case, it can hurt CeCe’s legal defense and put others at risk as well. Stay safe, stay quiet. For more information about what security culture is and is not, please check out these resources:

  1. What Is Security Culture? 
  2. Intro to Cop Speak 
  3. Midnight Special’s Know Your Rights Comix
  4. Security Culture: The Puppet Show
  5. If an Agent Knocks
  6. Security Culture: A Handbook for Activists

Secondly, if you were a witness outside of Schooner Tavern on the night of June 5th, please contact the Legal Rights Center! Please write down everything you remember from that night, sign and date it, and bring your signed statement, along with any photos and video, to the Legal Rights Center. Call the Legal Rights Center to set up an appointment: 612-337-0030

Have a question about upcoming court dates? Do you have a legal question you’d like relayed to CeCe’s legal advocate?  Your friendly community legal liaisons would love to talk to you! Please email Jill at and/or email Jude at recycleme2(A) or call 612-655-6904.

Lastly, please be patient! The judicial system moves very slowly!


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